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Relevant and Practical
Significant! is the core theme of this book. being significant is about being confident about who you are, no matter what you do for work. Identify your value, clarify your value, communicate your value and be appreciated for your value.
Personal and Professional
Many women are faced with faster and more demanding work lives, and feel as if a balanced, successful life will be perpetually out of reach. Franne McNeal empowers millennials to mid-managers, to innovate and turn obstacles into options.
Meaningful and Actionable
Immediate meaningful content from personal stories with core lessons, practical advice and discussion questions. Significant! illuminates the practical techniques of negotiating, maximizing resources and becoming a better leader.
Provocative and Inspiring
Encouragement and motivation to think about your own stories, and the powerful tools you already possess. Reframe your dialogues and decisions, so you can recreate and magnify your gifts and greatness.

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Significant! Reviews

Franne's principles and insights give us an easy read and digestible journey into her experiences. This allows the reader to envision his or her talents and go forward with courage and clarity to achieve their goals.

-Yvonne Tucker, NYC Celebrity Actress and Model

Franne reminds us that the doors to happiness and fulfillment in our lives are often unlocked by small actions based on right relationships with one another. Read and re-read this book to find the significance in the stories of your life.

- Susan L. Prosapio, Community Activist

The stories and life lessons are pertinent for all ages. I especially enjoyed your vulnerability to share personal stories of victories and defeats. Your transparency will help many view their life as choices to create the life they want.

- Carla Holland, MBA, CEO, Carla Holland & Associates

I love the book. It is a comfortable read that doesn't overwhelm the brain, yet it is packed with powerful wisdom. Your stories bring life to the principles that you share helping us reflect on the power of our own experiences and the lessons to be learned.

- Wanda F. Muhammad, Consultant, Crescent Facilitation & Consulting

Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone going through a career change, you will gain encouragement and inspiration from this book. Franne has used her personal stories to remind us that we are, indeed, Significant! We have the power to triumph after major setbacks.

- Daisy Wright, Founder, The Wright Career Solution

Franne McNeal is a force of nature. This book is fueled by her tremendous, generous energy and full of courageous, useful insights that can truly help you transform yourself and your business. Franne understands that significance is created from the inside out.

- Margie Strosser, MFA, Award Winning Producer and Storyteller

About Franne McNeal

Franne McNeal, MBA, is the woman’s voice for branding, business strategy and bold personal leadership success. Called the “significant business results coach,” Franne helps her clients focus their energy to take action and achieve increased confidence, clarity and clout! She is the author of the book Significant! From Frustrated to Franne-tastic, the women’s storybook of “mining your mind for what matters”.
As a breast cancer conqueror and stroke survivor, Franne shares stories of her own tenacity and prowess to help thousands of women discover their own strengths, monetize their passions, and add value to their communities. Franne is committed to integrating people, process and performance and to helping women achieve a dynamic understanding of how to “lean in”, focus their energy for action and step up to significance in their business and personal lives.
Franne has had a remarkable career in sales, marketing and training within Fortune 500 corporations. In addition, she is a university professor, an author, a serial entrepreneur, and an award-winning business coach. Franne’s keen insights have helped her clients generate millions in revenue, increase sales, improve cash flow, reduce expenses and expand profitability. Franne’s motivational keynote speeches about achieving Significant Business Results have been well-received by hundreds of groups, from professional associations and universities, to entrepreneurial and corporate audiences. She is a regular contributor to print and online publications, including Black Enterprise and Lean In.
Franne McNeal earned a BA from Princeton University, and a MBA from Eastern University. Franne McNeal is a 2015 Minority Business Leader and Advocate, a 2014 Main Line Power Woman, and a 2014 Small Business Influencer (expert category). Franne authored "Significant! From Frustrated to FranneTastic; Inspirational Stories for the Entrepreneurial Woman", which is now available in French and Spanish. Franne is also the host of Significant Business Results Radio, and SignificantTV. Franne McNeal is Adjunct Faculty with City University of New York (Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative and the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism); Adjunct Faculty with State University of New York (Kauffman Foundation FastTrac); and Adjunct Faculty with Community College of Philadelphia. She was recognized with Eastern University’s Perseverance Award (2007) and was named one of the 100 Most Influential Black Women in Philadelphia by the NAACP in 2008. Franne McNeal lives in Bryn Mawr, PA.

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